About Us

Bridging the gap between treatment and recovery, Soul Solutions Recovery Center(SSRC) is committed to helping people not only address the immediate pain and consequences of addiction, but also to learn how to live healthier, happier lives.  Addiction treatment helps people get sober, but many in recovery soon discover the greater challenge is learning how to live sober.  SSRC aims to provide a model for recovery by not only providing high-quality, comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders, but framing its “acute care” treatment within a larger, holistic framework that considers every aspect of an individual and his/her overall well-being.  As an outpatient behavioral health facility, our focus is to assist people to transition from short-term treatment to long-term recovery.   


I’ve been working in the addiction and mental health field field for over 20 years. I recognize we need to transform how we treat addiction and recovery if we want to stop the revolving door cycle of treatment.  The role of our community in encouraging and supporting long-term recovery is far greater than any treatment program.  We aim to demonstrate the transformative power of recovery in our community and invite you to be a part of our mission!

  • Patti Senn, MS/LPCC/LMAC/MAC
  • Clinical Director

I have seen friends and family members struggle with addiction, but I have also seen the beauty of a life made whole again. This community is very important to me. Soul Solutions Recovery Center has a mission to provide acute treatment founded in the best clinical practices as well as long-lasting recovery through the involvement and support of our community.

  • Jane Schuh, PHD
  • Board Chair

I have worked for over 25 years in Addiction Medicine in the area. I helped establish and was the first Medical Director for the North Dakota Professional Health organization, a support and monitoring program for recovering physicians and physician assistants.
I have worked with those who have laid the groundwork for this new treatment program for
many years. They are amongst the most respected counselors in the region and among
the very few whom we rely on to evaluate and treat healthcare professionals. I am excited about the prospect of this new and exciting
concept to better local addiction treatment.

  • Barrie March, MD
  • Past ND Professional Health Medical Director

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I learned of Soul Solutions.  When Patti described her vision, the word “oasis” came to mind.  It’s a place to learn, a place of comfort, a place of healing, hope, and community.  They know what works, and they know people.  They believe that recovery is more than living without the substance; it’s about living your best life. Finding joy, no matter your circumstance, is possible, and Soul Solutions is the place to help you do it!  In fact, every time I think about how Soul Solutions will change lives, I feel that joy and grin from ear-to-ear.

  • Marie B.
  • Recovery Advocate

Recovery is real.  Let’s get started